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Christine's Story


I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in art. I learned to express myself through art at a young age. I would scatter art supplies on my bedroom floor and cover my walls with construction paper cut-outs. My dad was constantly puzzled about the disappearing tape, and my mom would usually find paper trails leading to my bedroom. I pursued art in college and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Since then, I have worked in various production roles for the past five years. Some of these roles included book design, screen printing, and graphic production.

I continued to create digital and fine art throughout my professional career as a hobby. Since moving to Tennessee, my love for nature began to grow. I started to paint more frequently and I found the process therapeutic. I hope to lead by example and inspire you to find your expression through art.

Oakley's Story


Oakley was a gift to me from my boyfriend. I was looking for a cat to adopt when I found out Oakley wasn't getting along with her sister, Ollie. I adopted Oakley and not long after living with her, Oakley's Space, was born. 

Oakley enjoys sitting on my lap and curling up in a blanket nearby when I paint. Sometimes she tries to add a paw print to my paintings, but I smile knowing that there's a little bit of Oakley in everything.

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